Extended Warranty and ACP - Accidental Coverage Plan

Amtek can provide you with the ability to entend the life of your computer and printer equipment. In addition with the

ACP - Accidental Coverage Plan you can cover and extend Laptops and Tablets for catastrophic damage. We cover

most makes and models including (MS Surface, Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc).

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Maintenance Coverage Definitions:
Service Levels
Depot: Client ships unit to Amtek and then the repaired or replacement unit is returned to end user
Advanced Exchange: Amtek ships a unit in advanced of one being received from end-user.
Onsite NBD: A technician will arrive onsite with replacement unit and the defective unit will be picked by the tech.
Basic: Covers replacement of unit due to normal wear and tear of components (fans, disc, memory)
Ext w ACP: Covers the normal maintenance plus damage due to tablet being dropped or fluid spillage.
Full: Covers normal failures, ACP and any failure of hardware that is unrecoverable
Full Coverage
Ext w/ ACP
Advanced Exchange
Full Coverage
Ext w/ ACP (Overnight Shipping)
Ext w/ ACP (Ground Shipping)
Basic (Overnight)
Basic (Ground)
Onsite NBD
Ext w/ ACP
Notes and Exceptions:
1. Basic coverage does not cover if the unit is totally unrepairable or needs a glass replacement
2. ACP includes basic and screen repair but does not cover the unit if it is unrepairable
3. Full - covers the unit if it is unrepairable and will be be repaired and or replaced up to (1) equivalent unit per cost

*Optional Service Offerings for Routers, Firewalls and Switches

AMTEK also offers network device maintenance for routers, firewalls and switches as an optional service to enhance our Platinum and Platinum Plus plans.

Choose your service level:

  • Premium — offers complete monitoring and proactive management of routers and firewall devices
  • Comprehensive — adds full remediation support of all devices to the Premium Package
  • Switches — provides monitoring and proactive management of switches only

Both the Premium and Comprehensive packages include ISP vendor management (escalation to ISP).

Premium Package for routers and firewalls:

Monitoring and alerting for SNMP enabled network devices

  • ISP vendor management
  • Proactive checks on network devices
  • Asset inventory of network devices
  • Full access to private labeled Partner Portal
  • Access to reports

Comprehensive Package for routers and firewalls:

  • All functionality of Premium Package and full remediation support

Switch Package — supports switches only and includes:

  • 24X7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • Ping monitor (device availability)
  • Resource monitors (CPU, Memory, ports etc.)
  • Configuration backup of manageable switches
  • Asset/Inventory
  • Full Reporting