Managed Print Services

If you are like most companies you have a hard time really knowing how much you spend on printing. Equipment is usually distributed over a wide area in order to meet end-user requests without much thought into the ongoing support costs – from both a maintenance and replenishment point of view.

Four-Step Approach:

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Amtek provides a custom assessment that helps companies understand the TCO of their current print environment. Our analysis includes gathering information about the output devices and the behavior of your end users. The information gathered includes an inventory of all devices, as well as gathering information on workflow and print volume - on a global and individual basis.


As part of the process, surveys are conducted to assess the needs and requirements of end users. These results are included in the assessment, which are used as a basis to propose a print strategy designed to optimize your printing infrastructure, while ensuring alignment with cost-saving goals and business objectives.


Amtek works with your staff to implement any agreed upon changes to your print environment. These changes include behavior modification software to encourage your end users to print large jobs to a higher volume more cost effective printer to implementing a recycle toner cartridge program.


Amtek manages your printer fleet with maintenance and support, supply management and replenishment, behavior modification programs and preventative maintenance.

MPS Components:

Remote Monitoring - Amtek proactively manages your print devices remotely gathering information about service alerts, page counts and toner levels.

Service & Supplies - Amtek provides services such from toner replacement to major printer repair. Printer maintenance tasks are conducted during visits, including periodic printer cleanings and inventory management control.

Behavior Modification - Amtek provides behavior modification software to reinforce efficient printing strategies, i.e. printing large documents to more cost-effective MFPs, suggesting they create a PDF where possible, etc. This is an important aspect of our Managed Print Services offering.

Corporate printing activity can consume up to 3% of a company’s annual revenues, yet most companies have no strate-gy to contain print-related costs or even know how much is printed or how much is spent on printing. The reason is simple—tracking print activity is difficult and time consuming and print costs are elusive, as evidenced by the proliferation of desktop printers across the enterprise and diminishing print volumes at centralized print centers.

The rapid proliferation of desktop printing has created a dilemma for IT organizations: how to exploit efficient digital print systems while avoiding a corporate revolt as a result of removing personal inkjets. In most companies, existing digital print systems are underutilized because IT is unable to enforce the rule that users must print to the more efficient (both in speed and cost) digital systems. Our Behavior Modification software improves productivity by allowing users to continue to print smaller jobs on their desktop printers, while passively redirecting larger print jobs to faster, more cost-effective printers.

End-User Education - Amtek provides end-user education as to why our clients are implementing an MPS program. We provide signage for the lunch and break rooms and web-based seminars that reinforce our clients’ green printing initiatives.
One aspect of helping our clients operate their printer fleet at optimum efficiency, is helping eliminate costly line/dot matrix printers that may be in place due to the need for pre-printed forms.

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How much are you spending on maintaining your legacy line/dot matrix printers?

How much are you currently spending to produce preprinted forms?

How much storage space do you need to keep your inventory of preprinted forms on hand?

How much money spent on preprinted forms ends up wasted because of changes needed after printing?

How much time an materials do you waste inserting and aligning preprinted forms when you load a line printer?

How much time and money is lost because forms are illegible or filled out incorrectly?

Are you interested in:

Saving on the cost of your up-front expenses on your preprinted forms?

Reducing the administrative costs by consolidating your forms management into one electronic solution?

Eliminating the continuing costs associated with preprinted forms and their use?

Being able to print those same forms on modern laser printers?

AMTEK can help:

Reduce printing costs to just plain paper and toner

Produce PDF versions automatically

Revise forms without wast – no more obsolete stockpiles or expensive reprints

Avoid replacing forms destroyed by printer

Create laser-sharp, high-quality PostScript™ forms

Merge automatically with existing print files or legacy text files

It even handles mutli-part, mult-media requirements!