WHAT can be returned?

  • All products are returnable unless they have been damaged by the end-user

WHEN do items need to be returned by?

  • Product warranty starts when the product has been shipped and received by the end user.
  • Warranty returns are the same as the manufacturer warranty which in general is 90 days.

WHERE do items need to be returned to?

  • Contact Amtek and we will advise you where to ship the defective unit

HOW do customers return items?

  • Contact Amtek for instructions and we will send you the required information.

SHIPPING / Packaging Material for returns?

  • The supplier/manufacturer will provide their own return labels so the customer will not have to incur shipping costs.
  • Customers are to use the same packing material provided or similar material.

CREDIT for returns?

  • Amtek will provide a credit payment within 30 days for items returned.
  • Items damaged due to incorrect packaging will not receive credit.